Our Goal

We want to be the most reliable partner for our customers, providing the best value in fastening products. We want to supply a quality product that always exceeds expectations. In short, we just want to be better. 

  • We produce in West Virginia 
  • We import from Germany 
  • We import from China only from one single certified provider within the PREBENA Network. 

All PREBENA products are repeatedly tested at the German Quality Control Center at our headquarters in Schotten, Germany. In West Virginia, we feature a show room to present our products and we have an extensive warehouse to sell fasteners by the box, by the case, by the pallet or by the truckload.

Our Production

We recently updated and increased our production capabilities significantly to produce the following items on demand in Bridgeport, West Virginia:

  • 15 Gauge staples
  • 15.5 Gauge flooring staples with highest tensile strength in the market
  • 16 Gauge staples and finishing nails
  • 18 Gauge staples and finishing brads

All items produced in West Virginia are made using steel, glues and coatings from the United States or imported from Germany ONLY. We offer our products made from

  • Electro galvanized wire in different tensile strengths
  • Stainless steel 304
  • Stainless steel 316

and as 

  • Chisel point staples
  • Divergent point staples
  • Cross chisel cut point staples

In addition, we offer custom made staples upon request.

Our Quality

PREBENA maintains a high end quality control lab at their ISO certified headquarters in Schotten, Germany. Our technicians and engineers developed strict protocols for testing all products we offer - but we take it a step further: 

  • Raw materials from all PREBENA plants worldwide are collected and tested for their specifications. 
  • For any new product, several performance tests are run before they are sent to the market. 
  • Later, production samples are taken frequently to ensure that production is within the given specifications and the care free use for our customers.

Today, PREBENA is recognized as a worldwide leader in quality fastener production and technology... ... and, of course, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified!

Our Technology

For more detailed and technical information, please visit our International Technology and Products pages at www.prebena.com or click on the button below to reach the website directly. Each tool has its own downloadable page for general information, applications and technical data which can answer most of your service questions.

 PREBENA Technology Page

Our History

Founded more than 50 years ago, PREBENA is an industry leader in Germany and throughout many parts of the world. PREBENA is recognized for unrelenting quality and high manufacturing standards. In an effort to expand globally, PREBENA co-founded North American Fastener Corp. in 1987 and opened a new production facility in Bridgeport, West Virginia. The company successfully produced various types of fasteners until the housing crisis in 2007 / 2008. Afterwards, despite several attempts to stabilize the company, it faced difficult times and this lead to a steep decline in the number of employees. 

 In early 2013, PREBENA purchased the outstanding shares and implemented new management. After a tough turnaround, PREBENA North American Fasteners Corp. not only grows steadily in local production, number of employees and sales, but also invests in upgraded production machinery and building improvement... We are here to stay!

Our Group

PREBENA is a family owned business founded by Wilfried Bornemann in Schotten, Germany, in 1960. After leading the company for more than 50 years, Wilfried Bornemann passed away in 2011 and left the company in the hands of his family. Today,  Gabi Bornemann and Werner R├╝cklinger lead the company as President and CEO respectively. 

The PREBENA Group has subsidiaries and partnerships in more than 30 different countries worldwide.