Collated Fasteners

Collated Fasteners are different types of fasteners to be used in tools allowing a rapid application sequence. In other words, you can use a hammer to insert a nail or a screwdriver to screw or unscrew a screw – one by one, one at a time. With a special tool accepting Collated Fasteners you can increase the speed significantly, which for many professional and semi-professional applications make a lot of sense. 

The main types of collated fasteners are:

  • Nails as Coil Nails or Strip Nails - connected by wire, plastic, or paper 
  • Staples – reverse U-formed fasteners with two legs, the mostly flat surface is holding the upper piece down, connected by glue 
  • Pins, Brads, and Finish Nails – similar to nails; usually smaller and connected by glue 
  • Screws - mainly for drywalls and other high usage applications, connected by plastic. 

Each of these categories has many versions or sub-categories. Every brand has its own specialties and offers its own types. For nails and screws the fasteners of different brands are usually interchangeable. For staples and angled finish nails each brand has its own types; each type needs its own special tool. At PREBENA North American Fasteners we specialize in Staples, Brads, and Finish Nails. We are one of the very few manufacturers in the US offering staples for all major brands, therefore it is so important to pay attention to the REFERENCE tables provided.

Here is how you can read our product names:

Length Chart

mm inch
6mm 1/4"
9mm 3/8"
12mm 1/2"
19mm 3/4"
25mm 1"
32mm 1-1/4"
38mm 1-1/2"
44mm 1-3/4"
50mm 2"
63mm 2-1/2"
75mm 3"


Chisel Point -

the standard cut for over 95% of all applications based on keeping the staple in the same form when shot into the substrate

Divergent Point -

will guide the legs of a staple to bend sideways. This will increase the holding power mechanically.


AL Aluminium
BK Blank or Bright
LF Bronze
NK electro galvanized
RF stainless steel 304
RV stainless steel 316
SV heavy galvanized
ST high tensile strength galvanized

With more options available upon request.


All of our staples, brads and finish nails have a clear coating to increase the holding power especially in wood.

HA – additional gold loc coating

ETA – coating for extreme high holding power (as of European Norms) The drop down “FASTENERS” menu will direct you to most of the types of fasteners we offer in the US, clicking will bring you to a page with much more information.