Concrete nailer PKT-8-RHC40


Powerful pneumatic cordless nailer with PREBENA PKT-HYBRID technology

The PREBENA PKT-8-RHC40 concrete nailer is the new powerhouse for direct installation. It easily processes collated nails up to 40 mm, even in solid substrates such as concrete and steel.

For the user, this results in an enormous time advantage and a high degree of flexibility compared to conventional fastening processes that require drilling, cleaning and doweling.

The innovative PKT-HYBRID technology gives the new nailer enormous driving force and independence from a permanently installed power source. It works with the proven PREBENA PKT technology in combination with an 18 V LiHD high-performance battery from the Cordless Alliance System (CAS).

The PREBENA PKT-8-RHC40 is “Made in Germany” and can be used in a wide variety of trades. In drywall construction, this includes the fastening of U-profiles for lightweight walls. Stops and reinforcement brackets are nailed in formwork construction. In metal construction, profiles and sheets can be fastened to steel structures. Cable holders, cable ducts or pipe clamps can also be securely and quickly fastened to various substrates such as steel, concrete and masonry in the electrical and plumbing trades to facilitate the installation of cables and pipes.

PREBENA has developed the concrete nailer for use on construction sites. Thanks to its compact design and extremely high impact force, one-handed operation is no problem. Depth adjustment and empty shot protection are standard features.

PREBENA offers the new RHC type nails from 15 – 40 mm for the various substrates. Standard nails for concrete and stone, as well as special nails with ballistic point tips for the heaviest substrates such as steel.

The PREBENA PKT-HYBRID technology currently consists of three different pneumatic battery nailers. In addition to the concrete nailer, PREBENA offers a nailer for round-headed strip nails and a nailer for half-headed strip nails up to 100 mm for timber construction.

CAS (Cordless Alliance System) – One battery for everything

The CAS brings together a wide range of manufacturers from different industries under one “cordless umbrella”: Within the system, devices, machines, chargers and battery packs are 100% compatible and can be combined as required. More than 300 powerful cordless products are available in the 18 volt class.

Based on the powerful Metabo LiHD battery technology, CAS brings together a wide variety of trades under one roof, offering professional users the freedom to work flexibly and on the move with standard and special products from various manufacturers, away from the power socket. More about CAS at


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