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PREBENA is a fastener manufacturer producing several types and sizes which are standard in the market and supported by other brands.

Knowing your current tool or fasteners you use, click the links below to search for it in our reference databases.

To the right, you'll find an overview of our general fastener references for various brands. If you'd like to download a PDF version, the button is located below.

Manufacturer Type PREBENA
BeA 14/32-172 L or LM-type
BeA 14/32-613 L or LM-type
BeA 14/38-152 LM (L) + T-Nagel-type
BeA 14/38-50-157 L or LM-type
BeA 14/40-713 L or LM-type
BeA 14/40-723 L or LM-type
BeA 14/40-770 L or LM-type
BeA 14/40-770C L or LM-type
BeA 14/50-160 L or LM-type
BeA 14/50-357 (L) L or LM-type
BeA 14/50-763 L or LM-type
BeA 14/50-763 Automatic L or LM-type
BeA 14/50-764A L or LM-type
BeA 14/50-780C L or LM-type
BeA 14/50-785A (Automatic) L or LM-type
BeA 14/50-800 L or LM-type
BeA 14/65-830A (Automatic) L or LM-type
BeA 14/65-830C L or LM-type
BeA 33/13-177 EPAL-Klammer-type
BeA 33/13L5E (Modul) EPAL-Klammer-type
BeA 40/40-667E (Gas) n/a
BeA 42/38-159 BL-type
BeA 50/12-403Kürschner VB-type
BeA 50/12-408Kürschner VB-type
BeA 71/14-451Automatic V-type
BeA 71/16-401L V-type
BeA 71/16-408Kürschner V-type
BeA 71/16-416 Profile long nose V-type
BeA 71/16-421 V-type
BeA 71/16-421 Profile V-type
BeA 71/16-436 long nose V-type
BeA 72/14-452Automatic AB-type
BeA 72/16-402 (A) AB-type
BeA 72/16-422 AB-type
BeA 74/16-404 (Besohl) OB-type
BeA 74/25 Stoßhefter OB-type
BeA 74/25-203 Stoßhefter OB-type
BeA 74/20223 Stoßhefter OB-type
BeA 80/14-017 Clinch A-type
BeA 80/14-130 A-type
BeA 80/14-138 A-type
BeA 90/25-512Schalung E-type
BeA 90/25-552 E-type
BeA 90/25-552Schalung E-type
BeA 90/32-611 E-type
BeA 90/38-150 (L) E-type
BeA 90/40-621 E-type
BeA 90/40-711 E-type
BeA 92/25-513 H-type
BeA 92/25-553 H-type
BeA 92/25-553 outward H-type
BeA 92/32-612 H-type
BeA 92/32-612Automatic Long magazine H-type
BeA 92/32-632C H-type
BeA 92/38-151 (L/AL) H-type
BeA 92/40-712 H-type
BeA 92/40-722 H-type
BeA 92/40-772C H-type
BeA 94/32-173 AW-type
BeA 94/32-614 AW-type
BeA 94/40-774C AW-type
BeA 95/14-018 Clinch D-type
BeA 95/14-132 D-type
BeA 95/16-405 D-type
BeA 95/16-414L Clinch D-type
BeA 95/16-418 Clinch D-type
BeA 95/16-425 D-type
BeA 97/16-407 (Besohl) O-type
BeA 97/25-101 O-type
BeA 97/25-510Schalung O-type
BeA 97/25-530L O-type
BeA 97/25-550 O-type
BeA 97/25-550Schalung O -type
BeA 97/30-107GL O (mit Spezialschliff)-type
BeA 98/25-102 HB-type
BeA 98/25-511 HB-type
BeA 98/25-551 HB-type
BeA 99/40-625 ES -type
BeA 101DC CNW-type
BeA 101DCC CNW-type
BeA 102DCC CNW-type
BeA 130DC CNW-type
BeA 140/38-153 WM-type
BeA 145/20-778C WM (WC)-type
BeA 145/32-178 WM (WC)-type
BeA 145/40-779C WM (WC)-type
BeA 146/80-159 WD-type
BeA 170/65-161 Z -type
BeA 170/75-169 Z/Q-type
BeA 180/65-805 Q-type
BeA 180/65-835A (Automatic) Q-type
BeA 180/65-835C Q-type
BeA 180/80-195 Q-type
BeA 180/90-839C Q-type
BeA 190/25-103 E-type
BeA 190/32-170 (A) E-type
BeA 192/25-104 H-type
BeA 192/32-171 (A) H-type
BeA 195/25-115 Clinch n/a
BeA 195/25-525 Clinch n/a
BeA 195/25-526 Clinch n/a
BeA 200/90-838C n/a
BeA 229 Kombigerät ES / J-type
BeA 246/100-670E (Gas) WP-type
BeA 246/110-851E WP-type
BeA 246/130-944E WP-type
BeA 246/160-964 WP-type
BeA 246/160-964E WP-type
BeA 246/284 Autotec (Modul) WP-type
BeA 340C Caps n/a
BeA 346/200-951E n/a
BeA 346/284 Autotec (Modul) n/a
BeA 371/16-401Profil (Keder) V-type
BeA 371/16-408K Kürschner V-type
BeA 380/10-400 A-type
BeA 380/14-450 A (Automatic) A-type
BeA 380/14-450 AL (Automatic LM) A-type
BeA 380/16-400 (A/L/AL) A-type
BeA 380/16-400Spreiz A-type
BeA 380/16-409 A-type
BeA 380/16-419 Clinch A-type
BeA 380/16-420 A -type
BeA 380/16-429LN A-type
BeA 380/25-535L A-type
BeA 380/25-599 A-type
BeA 380/25-559L A-type
BeA 397/25-510 O-type
BeA 397/25-530L O-type
BeA 500DC CNF-type
BeA 501DC CNF-type
BeA 502DC CNZ-type
BeA 550DC CNF/CNW-type
BeA 552DC CNZ-type
BeA 553DC CNZ-type
BeA 554DC CNZ-type
BeA 555DC CNZ-type
BeA 557DC CNF/CNS-type
BeA 559DC CNF-type
BeA 564DC CNW-type
BeA 565DC CNF/CNW-type
BeA 566DC CNW/CNS-type
BeA 567DC CNF/CNW/CNS-type
BeA 567DC CNW/CNS-type
BeA 570DC CNF-type
BeA 572DCC contact activated CNF-type
BeA 700DC CNW-type
BeA 701DC CNW-type
BeA 702DCC CNW-type
BeA 730DC CNW-type
BeA 780DCC CNW/CNS-type
BeA 800DC CNW-type
BeA 802DCC CNW-type
BeA 830DC CNW-type
BeA 850DC CNW-type
BeA 900DC CNW/CNS-type
BeA 901DC CNW-type
BeA 903DC CNW-type
BeA 904DC CNW-type
BeA 930DC CNW-type
BeA ANR60-34° ANKP-type
BeA ATA18air powered B-type
BeA ATA22air powered B-type
BeA ATC18air powered R-type
BeA BeA500 Kunstoffcoil-type
BeA BeA700 Kunstoffcoil-type
BeA BeA710 Kunstoffcoil-type
BeA BeA750 Kunstoffcoil-type
BeA BeA759 Kunstoffcoil-type
BeA BeA Autotec Pusher (Modul) n/a
BeA BT515 n/a
BeA CN40-668E Betonnagel-type
BeA CN60-688E Betonnagel-type
BeA CN-238 n/a
BeA CTIC1819Coil Rollenklammer-type
BeA CTIC1823Coil Rollenklammer-type
BeA D90-660E (Gas) PR-type
BeA D90-680E (Gas) PR-type
BeA D100-934C PR-type
BeA DC/55-572C CNF-type
BeA DC/70-702C CNW-type
BeA DC/80-802C CNW-type
BeA DC/80-802C Two manual n/a
BeA DC/80-802C Two manual Light n/a
BeA DC/90-902-C CNW-type
BeA DC/100-1002C CNW-type
BeA DC/100-1002CEPAL CNW/EPAL-type
BeA DC/130-1302E CNW-type
BeA Dynamik Nagler CN60-688ES (Gas) Betonnagel-type
BeA Dynamik Nagler D90S-680E (Gas) PR-type
BeA Dynamik Nagler R20/90-683LE (Gas) RK-type
BeA Dynamik Nagler R20/90S-682SE (Gas) RK-type
BeA GK50-551 CNH-type
BeA HT11 (Rapid11) PF-type
BeA HT19 (Rapid19) VZ-type
BeA KT32-310 n/a
BeA MN6-514 n/a
BeA MTA18manual B-type
BeA MTA22manual B-type
BeA MTC18manual R -type
BeA Multifix TC300 TC-Anker/TC-Nägel-type
BeA Nickhefter380 A-type
BeA P8/16-428 n/a
BeA Rapid211 PF-type
BeA R20/90-392 RK-type
BeA R20/130-191 RK-type
BeA R20/130-1303E RK-type
BeA R20/160-1603E RK-type
BeA R35-654E (Gas) n/a
BeA R60-643E ANK-type
BeA R60-664E ANKP-type
BeA R60-943E ANK-type
BeA R90-682E (Gas) RK-type
BeA R90L-683E (Gas) RK-type
BeA R90-845C RK-type
BeA R90-945 RK-type
BeA R100-950 RK-type
BeA R100-952C RK-type
BeA R130-955 RK-type
BeA R130-956 RK-type
BeA R130-957E RK-type
BeA R130-958 RK-type
BeA R130-959E RK-type
BeA R160-960 RK-type
BeA R160-961 RK-type
BeA R160-962E RK-type
BeA R160-963 RK-type
BeA R160-965E RK-type
BeA R220-970E RK-type
BeA RP160-968E RK-type
BeA S125-110 GA-type
BeA S125-520 GA-type
BeA S125-569 GA-type
BeA S451-142 KI / N-type
BeA S562-164 SD / ND-type
BeA S562-804 SD / ND-type
BeA S635-223 n/a
BeA S717-127 AL-type
BeA S717-410 AL-type
BeA SC55/1600 MGS-type
BeA SC55/2500FC MGS-type
BeA SC55/4000 MGS-type
BeA SC55/4000FC MGS-type
BeA SC55/4000WS MGS-type
BeA SC75/2500FT MGS-type
BeA SC75/2500WS MGS-type
BeA SK218-117 JA-type
BeA SK218-411 JA-type
BeA SK325-121 J-type
BeA SK330-330 J-type
BeA SK335-201 J -type
BeA SK335-201GL J-type
BeA SK338-179 J-type
BeA SK338-616 J-type
BeA SK350-211 J-type
BeA SK350-224 J-type
BeA SK350-651E (Gas) J-type
BeA SK355-212 J-type
BeA SK355-214E (Einzelschuss) J-type
BeA SK355-221 J-type
BeA SK438-154 N-type
BeA SK438-175 N-type
BeA SK438-617 N-type
BeA SK445-618 N-type
BeA SK451-142 N-type
BeA SK451-717 N-type
BeA SK464-343C N-type
BeA SK465-652E (Gas) N-type
BeA SK562-804 ND-type
BeA SKAM350-226 n/a
BeA SKAM450-227 n/a
BeA SKATER14/65-830C LM(L)-type
BeA SKATER180/65-835C Q-type
BeA SKATER180/90-839C Q-type
BeA SKATER DC/80-802C CNW-type
BeA SKATER K92/12-25L5P H-type
BeA SKDA663-771 DA-type
BeA SKDA664-650E (Gas) DA-type
BeA SKS650-228 Stahl-Nagel-type
BeA SN40-351 n/a
BeA SN40-351Hafte CNH-type
BeA Stoßhefter 397 O-type
BeA T25-155 T-type
BeA T54-155 T-type
BeA T62-162 T-type
BeA T257-165 n/a
BeA TC300 TC-ANKER/TC-Nägel-type
BeA Variant 166 LM (L) + T-Nagel-type
BeA Variant 806 LM (L) + T-Nagel-type
BeA W15-358 WN-type
BeA W25-826 WN-type
BeA WK15-158 WN-type
BeA WM12-156 n/a
BeA WZK40/40-667E (Gas) n/a
BeA ZN100-412 n/a
Bosch GSK18V-LI (Battery) n/a
Bosch GSK50 J-type
Bosch GSK64 N-type
Bosch GSK64-34 DA-type
Bosch GSN45-15 CNZ-type
Bosch GSN90-21RK RK-type
Bosch GSN90-34DK PR-type
Bosch GSN100-34DK PR-type
Bosch GTK40 E-type
Bostitch 6PHT150 PF-type
Bostitch 433S2-1 WC-type
Bostitch 438S2 WC-type
Bostitch 438S2-1 WC-type
Bostitch 438S2R WC-type
Bostitch 438S2-WS WC-type
Bostitch 438S4 S-type
Bostitch 438S4-1 S-type
Bostitch 438S5 L-type
Bostitch 450S2 WC-type
Bostitch 450S2-1 WC-type
Bostitch 450S2-WS WC-type
Bostitch 538S4 S-type
Bostitch 538S4-1 S-type
Bostitch 538S4LM (Long Magazine) S-type
Bostitch 538S5 L-type
Bostitch 538S5-1 L-type
Bostitch 538S5LM (Long Magazine) L-type
Bostitch 650S4 S-type
Bostitch 650S4-1 S-type
Bostitch 650S2LM (Long Magazine) S-type
Bostitch 650S5 L-type
Bostitch 650S5-1 L-type
Bostitch 650S5LM (Long Magazine) L-type
Bostitch 651S5 L-type
Bostitch 750S4 S-type
Bostitch 750S4-1 S-type
Bostitch 750S4LM (Long Magazine) S-type
Bostitch 750S5 L-type
Bostitch 750S5-1 L-type
Bostitch 750S5LM (Long Magazine) L-type
Bostitch 765Q-1E Q-type
Bostitch 765S4-1E S-type
Bostitch 765S5-1E L-type
Bostitch 850S4 S-type
Bostitch 850S4LM (Long Magazine) S-type
Bostitch 863S4 S-type
Bostitch 863S4LM (Long Magazine) S-type
Bostitch 21671B-A-E V-type
Bostitch 21671B-E V-type
Bostitch 21671B-LN-E (Langnase) V-type
Bostitch 21680B-A-E A-type
Bostitch 21680B-ALM-E A-type
Bostitch 21680B-E A-type
Bostitch 21680B-LN-E (Langnase) A-type
Bostitch 21684B-E AD-type
Bostitch 21697B-E O-type
Bostitch 216SJK-E EK-type
Bostitch 416SC-S3G-7/16 V-type
Bostitch APC2IN1 K / J-type
Bostitch APC-BN J-type
Bostitch APC-FN N-type
Bostitch BHT150C PF-type
Bostitch BRT130-E RK-type
Bostitch BRT160-B-E RK-type
Bostitch BT35B J-type
Bostitch BT35B-1 J-type
Bostitch BT35EN J-type
Bostitch BT50B J-type
Bostitch BT50B-1 J-type
Bostitch BT1855-E J-type
Bostitch BT1855SP-E J-type
Bostitch BTCN110 (Battery) J-type
Bostitch BTCN120 (Battery) N-type
Bostitch BTCN560 (Battery) PR-type
Bostitch BTCN565 (Battery) PR-type
Bostitch CF15-1-E WN-type
Bostitch D16-2 BO-type
Bostitch D16-2AD BO-type
Bostitch D16-2ADF BO-type
Bostitch D30AD n/a
Bostitch D31AD-E n/a
Bostitch D60ADC n/a
Bostitch D62ADC-E n/a
Bostitch DA1564K-E DA-type
Bostitch DS-3219-E R-type
Bostitch DS-3519-E B-type
Bostitch DS-3522-E B-type
Bostitch DSA-3519-E B-type
Bostitch DSA-3522-E B-type
Bostitch DS-SW19-E BO / BM-type
Bostitch DS-SW22-E BO / BM-type
Bostitch ESD-450S2P WC-type
Bostitch F21PL-E RK/ANK (?)-type
Bostitch F28WW-E n/a
Bostitch F33PT-E PR-type
Bostitch F33PTSM-E PR-type
Bostitch F84AD BO / BM-type
Bostitch FN1664-E N-type
Bostitch FN1664SP-E N-type
Bostitch FSSW BO / BM-type
Bostitch GBT1850K-E (Gas) J-type
Bostitch GF9033-E (Gas) PR-type
Bostitch GFN1664K-E (Gas) N-type
Bostitch H2B FB-type
Bostitch H30-6-E FA-type
Bostitch H30-8D6-E FB-type
Bostitch H30-8-E FB-type
Bostitch IC50-1-E CNF-type
Bostitch IC60-1-E CNF-type
Bostitch IC70-1-E CNW-type
Bostitch IC70CB-1-E CNW-type
Bostitch IC90-1-E CNW-type
Bostitch IC90C-1-E CNW-type
Bostitch JB600 (Clinch) FB-type
Bostitch KN85PP RK-type
Bostitch MIII812CNCT T-type
Bostitch MIIIFN (Flooring ) n/a
Bostitch MIIIFS (Flooring ) S-type
Bostitch MB2140-E BE / JA-type
Bostitch MCN150-E Ankernägel papiergebunden-type
Bostitch MCN250-E Ankernägel papiergebunden-type
Bostitch MFN-201 n/a
Bostitch ML15-80/25B A?-type
Bostitch MS-3219-E R-type
Bostitch MS-3519-E B-type
Bostitch MS-3522-E B-type
Bostitch MS-SW19-E BO / BM-type
Bostitch MS-SW22-E BO / BM-type
Bostitch N5-1 n/a
Bostitch N10C-2 n/a
Bostitch N12B-1 CNZ-type
Bostitch N16-20CT n/a
Bostitch N50C-1 CNF-type
Bostitch N50FN n/a
Bostitch N55-1C CNF-type
Bostitch N57-1CT n/a
Bostitch N57/64C-1 CNF-type
Bostitch N57C CNF-type
Bostitch N57C-1 CNF-type
Bostitch N57C-1CT n/a
Bostitch N58C-1-E CNF-type
Bostitch N60FN n/a
Bostitch N62FN n/a
Bostitch N62FNB-E n/a
Bostitch N62FNSP-E n/a
Bostitch N63CP n/a
Bostitch N64C CNF-type
Bostitch N65-70 n/a
Bostitch N66C-2-E CNF-type
Bostitch N70-1C CNW-type
Bostitch N70-1S n/a
Bostitch N70CB CNW-type
Bostitch N70CB-1 CNW-type
Bostitch N70CB-1-E CNW-type
Bostitch N75C-2-E CNW-type
Bostitch N75CWW-1-E CNW-type
Bostitch N79RH RK-type
Bostitch N80-1C CNW-type
Bostitch N80-1S n/a
Bostitch N80/90CB-1 CNW-type
Bostitch N80CB CNW-type
Bostitch N80CB-1 CNW-type
Bostitch N80CB-1ML-E CNW-type
Bostitch N80SB n/a
Bostitch N80SB-1 n/a
Bostitch N85-P1 RK-type
Bostitch N86C CNW-type
Bostitch N86S n/a
Bostitch N88WW n/a
Bostitch N89C-1P-E CNW-type
Bostitch N89C-2-E CNW-type
Bostitch N89C-2K-E CNW-type
Bostitch N100C CNW-type
Bostitch N100C-1 CNW-type
Bostitch N100C-1/PP EPAL CNW-EPAL-type
Bostitch N100EPAL CNW-EPAL-type
Bostitch N100PP130C CNW-type
Bostitch N100S n/a
Bostitch N100S-1 n/a
Bostitch N160-1-CT RK-type
Bostitch N400C-1-E CNW-type
Bostitch N401C-1-E CNW-EPAL-type
Bostitch N512C-2-E CNW-type
Bostitch N64084-1-E CNF/CNW-type
Bostitch N64099-1-E CNW-type
Bostitch N8090CB-1ML-E CNW-type
Bostitch P6C-6 (Clinch) FA-type
Bostitch P6C-8 (Clinch) FB-type
Bostitch P50-5B P-type
Bostitch P50-10B HF-type
Bostitch P51-5B-E P-type
Bostitch P51-10B-E HF-type
Bostitch P88SJ-E PD-type
Bostitch P110SJ-E DE-type
Bostitch PC2K FB-type
Bostitch PC5000 FB-type
Bostitch PC8000/T6 FB-type
Bostitch RAB-19-E n/a
Bostitch RAB-22-E n/a
Bostitch RN45B CNZ-type
Bostitch RN45B-1 CNZ-type
Bostitch RN45B-1 EPAL n/a
Bostitch RN46DW-1-E CNZ-type
Bostitch RN46DW-1EPAL n/a
Bostitch RN46K-1-E CNZ-type
Bostitch RN46K-2-E CNZ-type
Bostitch S32-SL H-type
Bostitch S32SL-1 H-type
Bostitch S32SLCT H-type
Bostitch S32SLLM (Long Magazine) H-type
Bostitch S32-SX K-type
Bostitch S32SX-1 K-type
Bostitch S32SXCT K-type
Bostitch S32SXLM (Long Magazine) K-type
Bostitch S2638-2-E WC-type
Bostitch S4650-6-E S-type
Bostitch S4765-6-E S-type
Bostitch SB2IN1 K / J-type
Bostitch SB130S1-2-E WP-type
Bostitch SB-150SX K-type
Bostitch SB156SL-1-E H-type
Bostitch SB156SX-1-E K-type
Bostitch SB-1664FN N-type
Bostitch SB-1842BN J-type
Bostitch SB-1850BN J-type
Bostitch SB-HC50FN Betonnagel-type
Bostitch SL1838BC-E H-type
Bostitch SX1838-E K-type
Bostitch T6-8OC2 FB-type
Bostitch T26A-1 A-type
Bostitch T26A-3 V-type
Bostitch T26A-5 TK-type
Bostitch T26A-7 DM-type
Bostitch T26A-9 PM-type
Bostitch T26A-11 n/a
Bostitch T28-6 K-type
Bostitch T28-10 H-type
Bostitch T29-1P J-type
Bostitch T31-97 K-type
Bostitch T31-MB J-type
Bostitch T31-SBNK4023 DM-type
Bostitch T34-26 H-type
Bostitch T35-8 WC-type
Bostitch T35-42 N-type
Bostitch T36-1 S-type
Bostitch T36-15 ND-type
Bostitch T36-32 T-type
Bostitch T36-37 S-type
Bostitch T36-51 S-type
Bostitch T36-55 L-type
Bostitch T38-5 S-type
Bostitch T40-92 H-type
Bostitch T40-92SLCT H-type
Bostitch T40-97 K-type
Bostitch T40BCS4CT S-type
Bostitch T40S2 WC-type
Bostitch T55BCS4CT S-type
Bostitch T60BCS4 S-type
Bostitch T60EPAL n/a
Bostitch T60EPALLM n/a
Bostitch T3020 PM-type
Bostitch TU20-86 A-type
Bostitch TU20-SBNK4023 DM-type
Bostitch TU20-SJ3020 TK-type
Bostitch TU20-SP n/a
Bostitch TU-216-2330K-E AL-type
Bostitch W342CFKS WN-type
DeWalt C5 Trak-It (Gas) n/a
DeWalt D51238 J-type
DeWalt D51256 N-type
DeWalt D51257 N-type
DeWalt D51275 DA-type
DeWalt D51276 DA-type
DeWalt D51321 CNZ-type
DeWalt D51430 L-type
DeWalt D51431 GX-type
DeWalt D51822 PR-type
DeWalt D51823 PR-type
DeWalt D51825 PR-type
DeWalt D51844 RK-type
DeWalt D51845 RK-type
DeWalt D51850 RK-type
DeWalt D51855 CNW-type
DeWalt D51856 PR-type
DeWalt DC602 (Battery) J-type
DeWalt DC608 (Battery) J-type
DeWalt DC609 (Battery) J-type
DeWalt DC610 (Battery) n/a
DeWalt DC613 (Battery) N-type
DeWalt DC615 (Battery) n/a
DeWalt DC616 (Battery) N-type
DeWalt DC617 (Battery) N-type
DeWalt DC618 (Battery) n/a
DeWalt DC619 (Battery) n/a
DeWalt DC628 (Battery) DA-type
DeWalt DC629 (Battery) DA-type
DeWalt DCF620D2K MGS-type
DeWalt DCF620P2K MGS-type
DeWalt DCN45RNNT (Battery) CNZ-type
DeWalt DCN45RNNT-JX (Battery) CNZ-type
DeWalt DCN650 (Battery) DA-type
DeWalt DCN660 (Battery) n/a
DeWalt DCN661 (Battery) n/a
DeWalt DCN680 (Battery) J-type
DeWalt DCN681 (Battery) J-type
DeWalt DCN682 (Battery) Fussboden n/a
DeWalt DCN690 (Battery) PR-type
DeWalt DCN691 (Battery) PR-type
DeWalt DCN692 (Battery) PR-type
DeWalt DCN692P2 (Battery) PR-type
DeWalt DCN692P2K (Battery) PR-type
DeWalt DCN693 (Battery) ANKP-type
DeWalt DCN694 (Battery) ANKP-type
DeWalt DCN695P2 (Battery) PR-type
DeWalt DDF5110500 (Gas) n/a
DeWalt DGN9033 (Gas) PR-type
DeWalt DPN46RN-XJ CNZ-type
DeWalt DPN64C CNF-type
DeWalt DPN75C CNW-type
DeWalt DPN90C CNW-type
DeWalt DPN250MCN ANKP-type
DeWalt DPN1564APP DA-type
DeWalt DPN1664PP N-type
DeWalt DPN1850PP J-type
DeWalt DPN9017PL n/a
DeWalt DPN9021PL RK-type
DeWalt DPN9033 PR-type
DeWalt DPN10033 PR-type
DeWalt DPSB 2in1 K / J-type
DeWalt DPSSX38 K-type
Haubold HL816 WN-type
Haubold HN500 n/a
Haubold IM50KG700 (Gas) Z-type
Haubold Inliner DC PN765 Z-type
Haubold Inliner DC PN7965 Q-type
Haubold Inliner PN755XI/A Z-type
Haubold Inliner PN764XII/A Z-type
Haubold Inliner PN9165XII/A Q-type
Haubold PH530K Clinch GB-type
Haubold PH920G Clinch D-type
Haubold PH9016J Clinch AZ-type
Haubold PH9022J Clinch AZ-type
Haubold PN525A (Automatic LM) GB-type
Haubold PN530K GB-type
Haubold PN530L-I Automatic LM GB-type
Haubold PN540 GB-type
Haubold PN540Automatic GB-type
Haubold PN540L-I GB-type
Haubold PN625K/N KG-type
Haubold PN730V/N Z-type
Haubold PN750A Z-type
Haubold PN750KIII Z-type
Haubold PN750XI/A Z-type
Haubold PN755XI Z-type
Haubold PN755XI/A Z-type
Haubold PN755 Z-type
Haubold PN755Automatic Z-type
Haubold PN764P/T Z / T-type
Haubold PN764XII/A Z-type
Haubold PN764X/V Z / T-type
Haubold PN765 Z-type
Haubold PN765Automatic Z-type
Haubold PN765 Inliner DC Z-type
Haubold PN775XII Z-type
Haubold PN814E (ER) A-type
Haubold PN814G A-type
Haubold PN814G50L A-type
Haubold PN814JG/A A-type
Haubold PN816 A-type
Haubold PN816F A-type
Haubold PN1414E (ER) VF-type
Haubold PN1414G VF-type
Haubold PN1414G50L VF-type
Haubold PN1414G/Blindnaht (Keder) VF-type
Haubold PN1414JG/A VF-type
Haubold PN1416F VF-type
Haubold PN2550A WD-type
Haubold PN2575A/HWL WD-type
Haubold PN3030A WH-type
Haubold PN4004G TB-type
Haubold PN4014G TB-type
Haubold PN4020N TB-type
Haubold PN4025JN TB-type
Haubold PN5030 Airfix EM-type
Haubold PN5030K/B EM / E-type
Haubold PN5040A EM-type
Haubold PN6030K E-type
Haubold PN6040 EM / E-type
Haubold PN6040A E-type
Haubold PN6040/5040L EM / E-type
Haubold PN6040L-I EM / E-type
Haubold PN7114J V -type
Haubold PN7575X ZB-type
Haubold PN7965 Q-type
Haubold PN7965Automatic Q-type
Haubold PN7965 Inliner DC Q-type
Haubold PN7975X Q-type
Haubold PN9165XII/Automatic Q-type
Haubold PN9180XII Q-type
Haubold PN29130 WP-type
Haubold PN29130D WP-type
Haubold PN29150D WP-type
Haubold PN29180 WP-type
Haubold PN91120D ZW-type
Haubold PNBK38A WD-type
Haubold PNHD75P ZB-type
Haubold PW3022J Clinch AZ-type
Haubold RN32A/Haften n/a
Haubold RN35A/F n/a
Haubold RN36A n/a
Haubold RN50A n/a
Haubold RN60PII/BS4.0 ANK-type
Haubold RN90 RK-type
Haubold RN90PII RK-type
Haubold RN100 RK-type
Haubold RN100D RK-type
Haubold RN130 RK-type
Haubold RN130R RK-type
Haubold RN160 RK-type
Haubold RN160R RK-type
Haubold RN312 n/a
Haubold RNC38W/MS n/a
Haubold RNC45WII CNZ-type
Haubold RNC45R CNZ-type
Haubold RNC50E Eternitnägel-type
Haubold RNC50M.2 CNF-type
Haubold RNC50S/Haften CNH-type
Haubold RNC50S/W CNW/CNS-type
Haubold RNC50W/MSI CNW22-type
Haubold RNC65 n/a
Haubold RNC65S/WII CNW/CNS/CSS-type
Haubold RNC65SB CNS-type
Haubold RNC70.1 CNW/CNS/CSS-type
Haubold RNC75 n/a
Haubold RNC75S/WI CNW/CNS-type
Haubold RNC90 n/a
Haubold RNC90BS/W CNW/CNS-type
Haubold RNC90WII CNW-type
Haubold RNC90Z CNW/CNS/CSS-type
Haubold RNC450W CNZ-type
Haubold RNC500W CNW 22-type
Haubold RNC700W CNW-type
Haubold SKN30JN/12 J-type
Haubold SKN30N J-type
Haubold SKN40L-I/12 Variant GA / J-type
Haubold SKN40K/16 N-type
Haubold SKN50L-I/12 J-type
Haubold SKN50L-I/16 N-type
Haubold SKN64A/16 N-type
Haubold SKN64A/20 ND-type
Haubold SN20K BE-type
Haubold SN30N J-type
Haubold SN40K N-type
Haubold SN50A ND-type
Haubold SN610 AL-type
Haubold SN617I/6 AL-type
Haubold SN618 AL-type
Haubold SN618F/06 AL-type
Haubold TK314 PZ-type
Haubold TN50A T-Nagel-type
Haubold TN64A/22 T-Nagel-type
Haubold TN65 T-Nagel-type
Haubold WN12,5 WN-type
Haubold WN12,5F WN-type
Haubold WN15 WN-type
Haubold WN15/I WN-type
Haubold WN15F WN-type
Haubold WN18XI WN-type
Haubold WN25XII WN-type
Haubold ZN10 n/a
HPT Metabo N5008AC2 L-type
HPT Metabo N5008AV L-type
HPT Metabo NC40G (Gas) n/a
HPT Metabo NP18DSL J-type
HPT Metabo NR50AK ANKP-type
HPT Metabo NR65AK ANKP-type
HPT Metabo NR83A RK-type
HPT Metabo NR83AA PR-type
HPT Metabo NR83AA2 PR-type
HPT Metabo NR90AC RK-type
HPT Metabo NR90AD PR-type
HPT Metabo NR90AE RK-type
HPT Metabo NR90AF RK-type
HPT Metabo NR90GC (Gas) PR-type
HPT Metabo NR90GC2 (Gas) PR-type
HPT Metabo NR90GR2 (Gas) RK-type
HPT Metabo NR1890DBCL (Battery) PR-type
HPT Metabo NR1890DBRL (Battery) RK-type
HPT Metabo NT50EA2 J-type
HPT Metabo NT65A N-type
HPT Metabo NT65AB T-type
HPT Metabo NT65GA (Gas) DA-type
HPT Metabo NT65GB (Gas) n/a
HPT Metabo NT65GS (Gas) N-type
HPT Metabo NT65M2 N-type
HPT Metabo NT65MA3 DA-type
HPT Metabo NT65MA4 DA-type
HPT Metabo NT1850DBSL (Battery) J-type
HPT Metabo NT1865DBAL (Battery) DA-type
HPT Metabo NT1865DBSL (Battery) N-type
HPT Metabo NV38AB2 CNF-type
HPT Metabo NV45AB CNZ-type
HPT Metabo NV45AB2 CNZ-type
HPT Metabo NV45AE CNZ-type
HPT Metabo NV50A1 CNF-type
HPT Metabo NV50AF3 CNF-type
HPT Metabo NV50AG2 CNH-type
HPT Metabo NV50AH CNF-type
HPT Metabo NV65AC CNW-type
HPT Metabo NV65AH CNW-type
HPT Metabo NV75AG CNW-type
HPT Metabo NV83A CNW-type
HPT Metabo NV83A2 CNW-type
HPT Metabo NV90AB CNW-type
HPT Metabo NV90AB2 CNW-type
HPT Metabo NV90AG CNW-type
HPT Metabo WF18DSL (Battery) MGS-type
J. Kihlberg 561-15PN R-type
J. Kihlberg 561-18PN R-type
J. Kihlberg a.560B (Battery) B-type
J. Kihlberg a.560BCL (Battery+K-Laser) B-type
J. Kihlberg a.560BFL (Battery+Laser) B-type
J. Kihlberg a.560B22 (Battery) B-type
J. Kihlberg a.560B22CL (Battery+K-Laser) B-type
J. Kihlberg a.560B22FL (Battery+Laser) B-type
J. Kihlberg a.560M B-type
J. Kihlberg a.560M22 B-type
J. Kihlberg a.560PN B-type
J. Kihlberg a.560PN22 B-type
J. Kihlberg B53 (Bottom Stapler H) n/a
J. Kihlberg B53PN (Bottom Stapler D) n/a
J. Kihlberg B560 (Bottom Stapler H) B-type
J. Kihlberg B560PN (Bottom Stapler D) B-type
J. Kihlberg B561 (Bottom Stapler H) R-type
J. Kihlberg B561PN (Bottom Stapler D) R-type
J. Kihlberg c.561B (Battery) R-type
J. Kihlberg c.561BCL (Battery+K-Laser) R-type
J. Kihlberg c.561BFL (Battery+Laser) R-type
J. Kihlberg c.561B22 (Battery) R-type
J. Kihlberg c-561B22CL (Battery+K-Laser) R-type
J. Kihlberg c.561B22FL (Battery+Laser) R-type
J. Kihlberg c.561M R-type
J. Kihlberg c.561M22 R-type
J. Kihlberg c.561PN R-type
J. Kihlberg c.561PN22 R-type
J. Kihlberg F53 (Bottom Stapler H) n/a
J. Kihlberg F53PN (Bottom Stapler D) n/a
J. Kihlberg F560 (Bottom Stapler H) B-type
J. Kihlberg F560PN (Bottom Stapler D) B-type
J. Kihlberg F561 (Bottom Stapler H) R-type
J. Kihlberg F561PN (Bottom Stapler D) R-type
J. Kihlberg JK10-670 V-type
J. Kihlberg JK10-680 A-type
J. Kihlberg JK20-670 V-type
J. Kihlberg JK20-680 A-type
J. Kihlberg JK20-680FN A-type
J. Kihlberg JK20-690 O-type
J. Kihlberg JK20A670 (AUT) V-type
J. Kihlberg JK20A670L (LM AUT) V-type
J. Kihlberg JK20A680 (AUT) A-type
J. Kihlberg JK20A680L (LM AUT) A-type
J. Kihlberg JK20A689L (LM AUT) PW-type
J. Kihlberg JK20T777L (Clinchnhefter) DV-type
J. Kihlberg JK20T779 (Clinchnhefter) AK-type
J. Kihlberg JK20T779L (Clinchnhefter) AK-type
J. Kihlberg JK20T779L22 (Clinchnhefter) AK-type
J. Kihlberg JK20V779L (Sisal-Clinch) AK-type
J. Kihlberg JK20V779L22 (Sisal-Clinch) AK-type
J. Kihlberg JK24-690 O-type
J. Kihlberg JK35-590 BL-type
J. Kihlberg JK35T590 (Clinchnhefter) BL-type
J. Kihlberg JK45-783 L-type
J. Kihlberg JK45-783S L-type
J. Kihlberg JKPC782 (PVC-Caps) G (ohne Scheiben)-type
J. Kihlberg R555PN n/a
J. Kihlberg R557PN n/a
KMR HolzHer 2741 J-type
KMR HolzHer 2745 D-type
KMR HolzHer 2750 E-type
KMR HolzHer 3301 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3303 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3317 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3318 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3320 MGS-type
KMR HolzHer 3333 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3337 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3338 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3340 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3341 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3342 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3344 MGS-type
KMR HolzHer 3345 MGS-type
KMR HolzHer 3350 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3351 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3352 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3354 MGS-type
KMR HolzHer 3355 MGS-type
KMR HolzHer 3357 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3358 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3360 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3361 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3362 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3363 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3364 MGS-type
KMR HolzHer 3365 MGS-type
KMR HolzHer 3368 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3370 MGS-type
KMR HolzHer 3371 MGS-type
KMR HolzHer 3380 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3383 CSH-type
KMR HolzHer 3401 A-type
KMR HolzHer 3402 A-type
KMR HolzHer 3403 A-type
KMR HolzHer 3404 A-type
KMR HolzHer 3405 D-type
KMR HolzHer 3406 D-type
KMR HolzHer 3407 D-type
KMR HolzHer 3408 V-type
KMR HolzHer 3409 E + J-type
KMR HolzHer 3411 E-type
KMR HolzHer 3412 E-type
KMR HolzHer 3413 GB-type
KMR HolzHer 3414 ZK und T-Nagel-type
KMR HolzHer 3415 ZK und T-Nagel-type
KMR HolzHer 3417 A-type
KMR HolzHer 3418 ZK und T-Nagel-type
KMR HolzHer 3419 ZK und T-Nagel-type
KMR HolzHer 3420 BZ-type
KMR HolzHer 3421 E-type
KMR HolzHer 3422 ZK-type
KMR HolzHer 3423 E-type
KMR HolzHer 3424 GB-type
KMR HolzHer 3425 ZK-type
KMR HolzHer 3426 ZK-type
KMR HolzHer 3427 H-type
KMR HolzHer 3428 ZK-type
KMR HolzHer 3429 ZK-type
KMR HolzHer 3430 BZ-type
KMR HolzHer 3431 ZK-type
KMR HolzHer 3432 ZK-type
KMR HolzHer 3433 ZK-type
KMR HolzHer 3434 GZ-type
KMR HolzHer 3437 AL-type
KMR HolzHer 3438 AL-type
KMR HolzHer 3439 J-type
KMR HolzHer 3440 J-type
KMR HolzHer 3441 DA-type
KMR HolzHer 3443 J-type
KMR HolzHer 3444 DA-type
KMR HolzHer 3445 WN 9-15-type
KMR HolzHer 3446 WN 9-15-type
KMR HolzHer 3447 WN 25-type
KMR HolzHer 3448 WN 9-15-type
KMR HolzHer 3450 H-type
KMR HolzHer 3451 ZK-type
KMR HolzHer 3452 GZ-type
KMR HolzHer 3453 ZK-type
KMR HolzHer 3454 Z-type
KMR HolzHer 3455 Z-type
KMR HolzHer 3470 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3471 BS/WP-type
KMR HolzHer 3472 BS/WP-type
KMR HolzHer 3473 GB-type
KMR HolzHer 3474 BS/WP-type
KMR HolzHer 3475 BS/WP-type
KMR HolzHer 3477 ZK/Z-type
KMR HolzHer 3481 E-type
KMR HolzHer 3482 A-type
KMR HolzHer 3483 J-type
KMR HolzHer 3484 DA-type
KMR HolzHer 3485 AL-type
KMR HolzHer 3486 J-type
KMR HolzHer 3487 N-type
KMR HolzHer 3489 E + J-type
KMR HolzHer 3503 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3506 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3508 CNF-type
KMR HolzHer 3509 CNF/CNW-type
KMR HolzHer 3510 CNF-type
KMR HolzHer 3511 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3512 CNP-type
KMR HolzHer 3513 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3514 CNP-type
KMR HolzHer 3515 CNF/CNW-type
KMR HolzHer 3516 CNZ-type
KMR HolzHer 3517 CNZ-type
KMR HolzHer 3518 CNF-type
KMR HolzHer 3519 CNZ-type
KMR HolzHer 3520 CNZ-type
KMR HolzHer 3521 ANK-type
KMR HolzHer 3522 ANK-type
KMR HolzHer 3523 CNF-type
KMR HolzHer 3524 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3526 CNP-type
KMR HolzHer 3527 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3528 CNP-type
KMR HolzHer 3529 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3530 CNW-type
KMR HolzHer 3531 CNF-type
KMR HolzHer 3532 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3533 PR-type
KMR HolzHer 3534 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3535 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3536 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3537 CNF-type
KMR HolzHer 3538 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3539 CNW-type
KMR HolzHer 3540 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3541 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3542 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3543 CNW EPAL-type
KMR HolzHer 3544 RK EPAL-type
KMR HolzHer 3545 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3546 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3547 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3548 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3549 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3550 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3551 CNF-type
KMR HolzHer 3552 CNF-type
KMR HolzHer 3554 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3555 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3556 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3557 CNP-type
KMR HolzHer 3558 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3559 CNW-type
KMR HolzHer 3560 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3562 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3564 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3568 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3569 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3585 AL-type
KMR HolzHer 3590 CNP-type
KMR HolzHer 3701 E-type
KMR HolzHer 3702 E-type
KMR HolzHer 3703 J-type
KMR HolzHer 3704 J-type
KMR HolzHer 3705 N-type
KMR HolzHer 3706 T-Nagel-type
KMR HolzHer 3707 DA-type
KMR HolzHer 3708 E + J-type
KMR HolzHer 3709 E + N-type
KMR HolzHer 3710 E-type
KMR HolzHer 3712 JA-type
KMR HolzHer 3713 A-type
KMR HolzHer 3714 MGS-type
KMR HolzHer 3715 MGS-type
KMR HolzHer 3716 AL-type
KMR HolzHer 3717 JA-type
KMR HolzHer 3718 ZK/Q + T-Nagel-type
KMR HolzHer 3719 J-type
KMR HolzHer 3720 J-type
KMR HolzHer 3721 ANK-type
KMR HolzHer 3722 ANK-type
KMR HolzHer 3725 ANK-type
KMR HolzHer 3727 Q-type
KMR HolzHer 3734 Anker papiergebunden-type
KMR HolzHer 3735 RK-type
KMR HolzHer 3737 DA-type
KMR HolzHer 3739 E + J-type
KMR HolzHer 3760 E-type
KMR HolzHer 3761 GB-type
KMR HolzHer 3762 ZK-type
KMR HolzHer 3822 ANKP-type
KMR HolzHer 3840 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3845 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3854 n/a
KMR HolzHer 3875 BS/WP-type
KMR HolzHer 3883 J-type
KMR HolzHer 3884 DA-type
KMR HolzHer 3890 PR-type
KMR HolzHer 3535EPAL n/a
KMR HolzHer 3544EPAL n/a
KMR HolzHer 3544UIC n/a
KMR HolzHer 3547UIC n/a
KMR HolzHer 3550EPAL n/a
KMR HolzHer 3550UIC n/a
KMR HolzHer AC/90-942C CNW-type
KMR HolzHer AFN1564 DA-type
KMR HolzHer AN34/60-G642E ANKP-type
KMR HolzHer BN1832 J-type
KMR HolzHer BN1850 J-type
KMR HolzHer CN40-G643E n/a
KMR HolzHer D34/90-G641E PR-type
KMR HolzHer FS8016 A-type
KMR HolzHer HT-K PF-type
KMR HolzHer HT-G PF-type
KMR HolzHer NS9025 E-type
KMR HolzHer NS9038 E-type
KMR HolzHer NT1664 N-type
KMR HolzHer NT2264 T-Nagel-type
KMR HolzHer R20/35-645E n/a
KMR HolzHer R20/130-1343E RK-type
KMR HolzHer R20/160-1643E RK-type
KMR HolzHer SB1645 E und N-type
KMR HolzHer SB1840 E und J-type
KMR HolzHer SHB2130 JA-type
KMR HolzHer SK350-G646E J-type
KMR HolzHer Skater 3201 Z-type
KMR HolzHer Skater 3477 Z/ZK-type
KMR HolzHer SKDA664-G648E DA-type
KMR HolzHer W9038HD E-type
KMR HolzHer WZK/40-644E n/a
Makita AF505 J-type
Makita AF506 J-type
Makita AF500H HP (High-Pressure) AL-type
Makita AF550H HP (High-Pressure) J-type
Makita AF601 N-type
Makita AN250H HP (High-Pressure) n/a
Makita AN450H HP (High-Pressure) CNZ-type
Makita AN454 CNZ-type
Makita AN510H HP (High-Pressure) n/a
Makita AN610H HP (High-Pressure) CNW/CNF/CNS-type
Makita AN711H HP (High-Pressure) CNW/CNF/CNS-type
Makita AN911H (High-Pressure) CNW/CNS-type
Makita AN935H HP (High-Pressure) CNW/CNS-type
Makita AR411HR HP (High-Pressure) n/a
Makita AT638A E-type
Makita AT1150A Z-type
Makita AT2550A WD-type
Makita DBN500RTJ (Battery) J-type
Makita DBN500Z (Battery) J-type
Makita DBN600RTJ (Battery) N-type
Makita DBN600Z (Battery) N-type
Makita DFN350Z (Battery) J-type
Makita DPT351ZJ (Battery) AL-type
Makita DPT353Z (Battery) AL-type
Makita DST221RTJ (Battery) PF-type
Makita DST221Z (Battery) PF-type
Makita GF600SE (Gas) N-type
Makita GN420CLSE (Gas) n/a
Makita GN900SE (Gas) PR-type
MAX CN55 CNF-type
MAX CN70 CNW-type
MAX CN80 CNW-type
MAX CN100 CNW-type
MAX CN238 n/a
MAX CN445R2 CNZ-type
MAX CN450G CNH-type
MAX CN452S CNF-type
MAX CN550S CNF-type
MAX CN552S CNW-type
MAX CN565S2 CNW-type
MAX CN650M n/a
MAX CN665 CNW-type
MAX CN890F CNW-type
MAX CN890S CNW-type
MAX GS690CH (Gas) PR-type
MAX GS738C (Gas) n/a
MAX HA55SF-ST (High Pressure) J-type
MAX HN25C (High Pressure) n/a
MAX HN65 (High Pressure) CNW/CNF-type
MAX HN65J (High Pressure) n/a
MAX HN90 (High Pressure) CNW-type
MAX HN90F (High Pressure) CNW-type
MAX HN120 (High Pressure) n/a
MAX HS130 (High Pressure) RK-type
MAX HVR41G4 (High Pressure) n/a
MAX NF255F/18 J-type
MAX NF255FA/18 J-type
MAX NF255SF-ST J-type
MAX NF565A/16 N-type
MAX NF665/15 DA-type
MAX NF665A/15 DA-type
MAX SN90 RK-type
MAX SN889-100CH/34 PR-type
MAX SN890CH2/34 PR-type
MAX TA116A/21-13 A-type
MAX TA116A/22-9 V-type
MAX TA238B/18-6 E-type
MAX TA551A/16-11 L-type
Milwaukee M12BST (Battery) PF-type
Milwaukee M18/21 Degree Framing (Battery) RK-type
Milwaukee M18/30 Degree Framing (Battery) PR-type
Milwaukee M18CN15GA DA-type
Milwaukee M18CN16GA NW-type
Milwaukee M18FN18GS J-type
Milwaukee M18FNCS18GS E-type
Milwaukee M18FFN-502C (Battery) PR-type
Milwaukee M18FFN-OC (Battery) PR-type
OMER 3G V-type
OMER 3G.16 V-type
OMER 3G.16CL (LM) V-type
OMER 3G.16CLT (LM Fremdanst.) V-type
OMER 3G.16CLV (LM AUT) V-type
OMER 3G.16H V-type
OMER 3G.16NF (Keder) V-type
OMER 3G.16SL (LN50) V-type
OMER 3G.16SLNF (LN50/Keder) V-type
OMER 3G.16SLVL (LN50/AUT) V-type
OMER 3G.16V (AUT) V-type
OMER 3GF (Kürschner) V-type
OMER 3GFV (Kürschner AUT) V-type
OMER 3GV (AUT) V-type
OMER 12.18PF (Frames) J-type
OMER 12.25CLT3 (LM Fremdanst.) J-type
OMER 12.28 J-type
OMER 12.28D (Abstandsanschl.) J-type
OMER 12.40 J/GA-type
OMER 12.40CL2-5 (LM Fremdanst.) J-type
OMER 12.40CL2-51 (LM Fremdanst. Frontsi.) J-type
OMER 12.40D (Rollenanschl.) J/GA-type
OMER 12.40G J-type
OMER 12.40G4 J-type
OMER 12.50 J-type
OMER 12P.25 n/a
OMER 12P.25CL4 (LM) n/a
OMER 14.25CLT4 (LM Fremdanst.) N-type
OMER 14.32 N-type
OMER 14.32CLT4 (LM Fremdanst.) N-type
OMER 14.50 N-type
OMER 14.50A N-type
OMER 14.763 N-type
OMER 17.55 ND-type
OMER 17P.32 n/a
OMER 32.18 R-type
OMER 32.18M R-type
OMER 32.22 R-type
OMER 34.18 BO-type
OMER 34.18M BO-type
OMER 34.18Roll n/a
OMER 34L.18 BM-type
OMER 34L.22 BM-type
OMER 35.18 B-type
OMER 35.18M B-type
OMER 35.19E B-type
OMER 35.22 B-type
OMER 50.16 D-type
OMER 50.16CL (LM) D-type
OMER 50.16CLV (LM AUT) D-type
OMER 50.16OC (SZW) D-type
OMER 50.16RB (NH) D-type
OMER 50.16S (SDS) D-type
OMER 50.16SL (LN50) D-type
OMER 50.16SVL (LM SDS) D-type
OMER 53.4 (Rückwandhalter) n/a
OMER 53.4AB (Rückwandhalter m. Biegevorr.) n/a
OMER 53.4V (Rückwandhalter AUT) n/a
OMER 62.16 PM-type
OMER 62.16CLV (LM AUT) PM-type
OMER 62.16CLTV (LM AUT Oberl.) PM-type
OMER 62.16RB4 (LM NH) PM-type
OMER 62.16SL (LN50) PM-type
OMER 64.16 AB-type
OMER 64.16CL (LM) AB-type
OMER 64.16.CLT (LM Fremdanst.) AB-type
OMER 64.16CLV (LM AUT) AB-type
OMER 64.16NF (Keder) AB-type
OMER 64.16SL (LN50) AB-type
OMER 64.16V (AUT) AB-type
OMER 65.16 M-type
OMER 65.25 M-type
OMER 65.25V (AUT) M-type
OMER 68.16H VF-type
OMER 68.16SL (LN50) VF-type
OMER 68.16V (AUT) VF-type
OMER 77F (Kürschner) VB-type
OMER 77FV (Kürschner AUT) VB-type
OMER 80.16 A-type
OMER 80.16CL (LM) A-type
OMER 80.16CLT (LM Fremdanst.) A-type
OMER 80.16CLV (LM AUT) A-type
OMER 80.16CLVD (LM AUT Rollenanschl.) A-type
OMER 80.16ET (Etikettennagler) A-type
OMER 80.16NF (Keder) A-type
OMER 80.16OC (SZW) A-type
OMER 80.16RB (NH) A-type
OMER 80.16S (SDS) A-type
OMER 80.16SL (LN50) A-type
OMER 80.16SLNF (LN50/Keder) A-type
OMER 80.16SLS (LN50/SDS) A-type
OMER 80.16SLVL (LN50/AUT) A-type
OMER 80.16V (AUT) A-type
OMER 80.25 A-type
OMER 80.25CLT (LM Fremdanst.) A-type
OMER 80.25D (Rollenanschl.) A-type
OMER 80.25V (AUT) A-type
OMER 81P XA-type
OMER 81PCL (LM) XA-type
OMER 81PS (SDS) XA-type
OMER 82P n/a
OMER 82PCL (LM) n/a
OMER 82PS (SDS) n/a
OMER 83P n/a
OMER 83P.215 n/a
OMER 83P.215V (AUT) n/a
OMER 83PS (SDS) n/a
OMER 84.16 AD-type
OMER 84.16SL (LN50) AD-type
OMER 84.16V (AUT) AD-type
OMER 90.16 E-type
OMER 90.25CLT (LM Fremdanst.) E-type
OMER 90.25D (Rollenanschl.) E-type
OMER 90.25SL (LN50) E-type
OMER 90.28 E-type
OMER 90.28CL (LM) E-type
OMER 90.28CLV (LM AUT) E-type
OMER 90.28V (AUT) E-type
OMER 90.32 E-type
OMER 90.32R (Buchsen) E-type
OMER 90.38 E-type
OMER 90.38A E-type
OMER 90.38B (bottom loader) E-type
OMER 90.38BDA (Tiefenreg.) E-type
OMER 90.38BV (AUT) E-type
OMER 90.38CLD3 (LM Fremdanst.) E-type
OMER 90.38FL2 (LM Parkett) E-type
OMER 90740 E-type
OMER 92.16 H-type
OMER 92.25 H-type
OMER 92.25D (Rollenanschl.) H-type
OMER 92.25OC (SZW) H-type
OMER 92.25OCS (SZW) H-type
OMER 92.25SL (LM) H-type
OMER 92.25V (AUT) H-type
OMER 92.32 H-type
OMER 92.38 H-type
OMER 92.38A H-type
OMER 92.38B (bottom loader) H-type
OMER 92.38BDA (Tiefenreg.) H-type
OMER 92.38BV (AUT) H-type
OMER 92.38CLD3 (LM Fremdanst.) H-type
OMER 92740 H-type
OMER 94.14S AW-type
OMER 94.38 AW-type
OMER 94.38BDA (Tiefenreg.) AW-type
OMER 98.16 HB-type
OMER 98.25 HB-type
OMER 98.25V (AUT) HB-type
OMER 99.16 n/a
OMER 110.16RF (starre Matritze) n/a
OMER 140738 WC-type
OMER 500.25CLV (LM AUT) GB-type
OMER 500.25CLVD (LM AUT Rollenanschl.) GB-type
OMER 500.38B (bottom loader) GB-type
OMER 500.38BDA (Tiefenreg.) GB-type
OMER 500.38BV (AUT) GB-type
OMER 590738 BL-type
OMER 590.738CP (Verlängerung) BL-type
OMER 590.738CP1 (Verlängerung) BL-type
OMER 590.738RF (starre Matritze) BL-type
OMER 700.50 Z-type
OMER 700.65 Z-type
OMER 700.738CNO-SAG (Nosag) Z-type
OMER 700.738NS (small nose) Z-type
OMER 1016.50 GX-type
OMER 4097.16 TB-type
OMER 4097.16CL (LM) TB-type
OMER 4097.16CLM (LM Tiefenbegrenzung) TB-type
OMER 4097.16CLT (LM Fremdanst.) O-type
OMER 4097.16CLV (LM AUT) TB-type
OMER 4097.16FA (Bienenrahmen) O-type
OMER 4097.16SL (LN50) TB-type
OMER 4097.16V (AUT) TB-type
OMER 4097.25 TB-type
OMER 4097.25CLT (LM Fremdanst.) TB-type
OMER 4097.25SL (LN50) TB-type
OMER 4097.25V (AUT) TB-type
OMER 4097.G (Glasleiste) O-type
OMER 4097PF (Bilderrahmennagler) O-type
OMER A.18Roll n/a
OMER A.22Roll n/a
OMER AP.50 n/a
OMER B6.35 ALK-type
OMER B6.50N ALK-type
OMER B14.763 N-type
OMER B14.763NS N-type
OMER B17.64 ND-type
OMER B17.70CL4-3 (LM Fremdanst.) ND-type
OMER B17.70CL4-4 (LM stat. Fremdanst.) ND-type
OMER B17P.763 n/a
OMER C.18Roll n/a
OMER CF.15 WN-type
OMER CF.15A WN-type
OMER CF.15CL (LM) WN-type
OMER CN21.32 n/a
OMER CN21.32CD1 (Fremdanst.) n/a
OMER CN21.32D1 n/a
OMER CN23.57 CNF-type
OMER CN25.50 CNW/CNF-type
OMER CN25.65 CNW/CNF-type
OMER CN28.65 CNS/CNW-type
OMER CN29.70 CNW -type
OMER CN31.45 CNZ-type
OMER CN33.83 CNW-type
OMER CN33.90 CNW-type
OMER CN38.100 CNW-type
OMER CN38.100EPAL CNW-type
OMER CN38.130 CNW-type
OMER CNP33.65MC (Ankernagler) n/a
OMER CT6000P XA-type
OMER D.18Roll n/a
OMER DA.64 DA-type
OMER DB15.64 n/a
OMER G-3PS n/a
OMER G-7 n/a
OMER G-11 PF-type
OMER G11P-S05 XA-type
OMER G-19 VZ-type
OMER G-14 PF-type
OMER G-23/1 VZ-type
OMER G-23/2 VX-type
OMER G-50BL PF-type
OMER G-54-A PF-type
OMER G-56BL n/a
OMER GSN34.65MC (Gas) n/a
OMER GSN34.90 (Gas) PR-type
OMER HP-88 FA-type
OMER HR20M5 n/a
OMER HR23L8 n/a
OMER HR23M8 n/a
OMER HR23S5 n/a
OMER HRP773 n/a
OMER HSP-12 PB/FB-type
OMER HSP-13 VS-type
OMER Jumbo 32.25 R-type
OMER Jumbo 32.28 R-type
OMER Jumbo 32.38 R-type
OMER LT-1 PB-type
OMER LT-33 VZ/VX-type
OMER LT-5019 FB-type
OMER LT-80 A-type
OMER MCF.10 n/a
OMER MCF.12 n/a
OMER M1.38-104 (Clipanschl.) LM-type
OMER M1.38B LM-type
OMER M1.50 LM-type
OMER M1.65 LM-type
OMER M1.740 LM-type
OMER M1.740NO-SAG (Nosag) LM-type
OMER M1.740NS (small nose) LM-type
OMER M2.38B L-type
OMER M2.50 L-type
OMER M2.65 L-type
OMER M2.740 L-type
OMER M2.740NO-SAG (Nosag) L-type
OMER M2.740NS (small nose) L-type
OMER M3.65 Q-type
OMER M3.75PF (Haken) n/a
OMER M3.75PF1 (Haken) n/a
OMER MB.32 (Bottom Stapler manual) R-type
OMER MB.35 (Bottom Stapler manual) B-type
OMER MB.65SA (Bottom Stapler manual) M-type
OMER MB.77KSA (Bottom Stapler manual) DV-type
OMER MG.30 JA-type
OMER MG.30SS JA-type
OMER MG.40 JA-type
OMER MG.50 JA-type
OMER P.5 AL-type
OMER P.7 AL-type
OMER PB.32 (Bottom Stapler air powered) R-type
OMER PB.35 (Bottom Stapler air powered) B-type
OMER PB.65SA (Bottom Stapler air powered) M-type
OMER PB.77KSA (Bottom Stapler air powered) DV-type
OMER PL50.16LJ (Matritzenhefter) D -type
OMER PL50.16LJ-03 (Matritzenhefter/Deckel) D-type
OMER PL50.16LJC (Matritzenhefter kurz) D-type
OMER PL65.16LJ (Matritzenhefter) M-type
OMER PL65.25LJ (Matritzenhefter) M-type
OMER PL65SJ (Clinchnhefter) M-type
OMER PL77K.16LJ (Matritzenhefter) DV-type
OMER PL77K.16LLJ (Matritzenhefter) DV-type
OMER PL80.16LJ (Matritzenhefter) A-type
OMER PL88SJ (Clinchnhefter) PD-type
OMER PL92SJC (Clinchnhefter) H-type
OMER PL110LJ (Matritzenhefter) n/a
OMER PL110SJ (Clinchnhefter) n/a
OMER PL110SJT (Clinchnhefter) n/a
OMER PL195SJ (Clinchnhefter) AP-type
OMER PL590.738 (Matritzenhefter) BL-type
OMER PLBA.16LJ (Matritzenhefter) n/a
OMER PLSG44PJ (Matritzenhefter) G-type
OMER PLWS.738 (Matritzenhefter) WC-type
OMER PR.18 AL-type
OMER PR.28 AL-type
OMER PR.30 AL-type
OMER R8.28 BE-type
OMER R14.25P n/a
OMER RI.25 GA-type
OMER RI.25P n/a
OMER RI.28 GA-type
OMER RI.215CL2 (LM) GA-type
OMER RI.228CL2 (LM) GA-type
OMER S4.38B S-type
OMER S4.38BDA (Tiefenreg.) S-type
OMER S4.50 S-type
OMER S4.65 S-type
OMER S29.130 WP-type
OMER S29.160 WP-type
OMER SG44.25 G-type
OMER SG44.25D (Rollenanschl.) G-type
OMER SG44.25V (AUT) G-type
OMER SG44.32 G-type
OMER SG44.38 G-type
OMER SG44.38A G-type
OMER SJK.16 TK-type
OMER SJK.16CLM (LM Tiefenbegrenzung) TK-type
OMER SJK.16CLT (LM Fremdanst.) TK-type
OMER SN22.100 RK-type
OMER SN22.130 RK-type
OMER SN22.160 RK-type
OMER SN34.65MC n/a
OMER SP-3 n/a
OMER ST15.50A n/a
OMER ST-A11 PF-type
OMER TN.64 T-type
OMER TN.715 n/a
OMER TN.732 n/a
OMER T50.16 PF-type
OMER VN11.15 (Eckverbindungen Rahmen) n/a
OMER WK.738 WT-type
OMER WP.738 WS-type
OMER WS.738 WC-type
Paslode 1000/N50SR EN-type
Paslode 1000/S30R AB-type
Paslode 1000/S30SR HO-type
Paslode 1000/S50SR HS-type
Paslode 1000/W30SR PO-type
Paslode 1000/W50SR PA-type
Paslode 2118/29I18 ZG-type
Paslode 2118/29N18 EF-type
Paslode 2125/32F18GL J-type
Paslode 2138/35-F18 J (GA)-type
Paslode 3100/25SB16Q n/a
Paslode 3150/38I18Q ZG-type
Paslode 3150/38N18Q EF-type
Paslode 3150/38S16Q GX-type
Paslode 3150/38W16Q WT-type
Paslode 3175/45GCQ n/a
Paslode 3175/45RCQ CNZ-type
Paslode 3200/50CPQ n/a
Paslode 3200/50CPQ Plast n/a
Paslode 3200/50S16PQ GX-type
Paslode 3200/50W16Q WT-type
Paslode 3216/55CQ n/a
Paslode 3238/60SBXQ PR-type
Paslode 3250/65AB15Q DA-type
Paslode 3250/65F14Q ND-type
Paslode 3250/65F16Q N-type
Paslode 4200/50S16Q GX-type
Paslode 4250/65CPQ n/a
Paslode 4275/70SBX(P)Q PR-type
Paslode 5250/50BNQ n/a
Paslode 5300/75CQ n/a
Paslode 5300/75S PR-type
Paslode 5325/80SBXQ PR-type
Paslode 5325/80SQ PR-type
Paslode 5350/90CQ n/a
Paslode 5350/90CQ UIC n/a
Paslode 5350/90S PR-type
Paslode 5350/90SQPM PR-type
Paslode 5350/100SBXQ PR-type
Paslode 5350/100S(P)Q PR-type
Paslode 6512/130SQ PR-type
Paslode 6625/160SQ PR-type
Paslode Ausbau-Tacker E-type
Paslode Bau-Tacker TB-type
Paslode CN350B RK-type
Paslode CN350UIC n/a
Paslode CNP40M n/a
Paslode CNP50.1 n/a
Paslode CNP65.1 n/a
Paslode CNP75.1 n/a
Paslode CNW45R CNZ-type
Paslode CNW50.1 CNF-type
Paslode CNW65.1 CNF/CNW-type
Paslode CNW70.1 CNF/CNW-type
Paslode CNW90 CNW-type
Paslode CNW100 CNW-type
Paslode CS5000 D-type
Paslode DAFN6480 DA-type
Paslode DCF100A n/a
Paslode DFSN90.1 RK-type
Paslode DFSN100.1 RK-type
Paslode DSW5020 D-type
Paslode F250S PP ANKP-type
Paslode F350S PR-type
Paslode F400S PR-type
Paslode FN1550C n/a
Paslode FN1650.1 N-type
Paslode FN1650.2 N-type
Paslode FN1665.1 N-type
Paslode FN1665.2 N-type
Paslode FN16A 65 n/a
Paslode FN1835 J-type
Paslode FN1850.1 J-type
Paslode FN1850.2 J-type
Paslode FN2265 T-type
Paslode GN45SGQ n/a
Paslode GN50BN ANKP-type
Paslode GN50SQ n/a
Paslode GN64SF PR-type
Paslode GN90S PR-type
Paslode GN100 PR-type
Paslode GN130S PR-type
Paslode GN131S RK-type
Paslode GN161S RK-type
Paslode HDS7665 Z-type
Paslode Heft-Tacker A-type
Paslode HN500 n/a
Paslode HT550C D-type
Paslode HT755C FO-type
Paslode IM45CW CNZ-type
Paslode IM45GN n/a
Paslode IM50 F18 (Lithium) J-type
Paslode IM65 F16 N-type
Paslode IM65A F16 (Lithium) n/a
Paslode IM90Ci n/a
Paslode IM90i n/a
Paslode IM100Ci n/a
Paslode IM100i n/a
Paslode (IM)200/32 Hafte n/a
Paslode (IM)200/50 S16 GX-type
Paslode IM200F18 J-type
Paslode IM250A n/a
Paslode (IM)250/65 2 F16 N-type
Paslode IM325/40BNQ n/a
Paslode (IM)325/50BNQ n/a
Paslode IM325/60BMQ n/a
Paslode IM325/80-Q PR-type
Paslode IM350+ PR-type
Paslode (IM)350/90CT PR-type
Paslode IMPPN50 n/a
Paslode KN1848 E-type
Paslode KZ312 n/a
Paslode KZ322 n/a
Paslode LCP45 n/a
Paslode LCP45.1 n/a
Paslode LCP65 n/a
Paslode LDS5016 D-type
Paslode Magnum 1500 GX-type
Paslode Magnum 1675 n/a
Paslode Magnum 1775 WT-type
Paslode Magnum 1900 n/a
Paslode Magnum 1925 n/a
Paslode Magnum 1960 GX-type
Paslode Magnum MA080T n/a
Paslode Magnum MA080TF80 ND-type
Paslode Magnum MA100WW12 n/a
Paslode Magnum MAC20 n/a
Paslode MDS1830 E -type
Paslode MDS1840 E-type
Paslode Meister-Tacker E-type
Paslode Mi134 CNZ-type
Paslode MS1580DSP3 ZB-type
Paslode Mustang 1100 WT-type
Paslode Mustang 1100/Breitklammer n/a
Paslode Mustang 1120/38LN N-type
Paslode Mustang 1150/GSI16 Z-type
Paslode Mustang 1150/GSI18 ZG-type
Paslode Mustang 2000 EF-type
Paslode Mustang MU100-GSW16 WT-type
Paslode Mustang MU112-GS16 GX-type
Paslode Mustang MU112-GSI16 Z-type
Paslode Mustang MU112-GSI18 ZG-type
Paslode Mustang MU112-GSN EF-type
Paslode Mustang MU112-GSW16 WT-type
Paslode Mustang MU112-N EF-type
Paslode Mustang MU112-I18 ZG-type
Paslode Mustang MU212-B16 N-type
Paslode Mustang MU212-F N-type
Paslode PA200-S16 GX-type
Paslode PCF12 n/a
Paslode PFS160 PR-type
Paslode Pinto PI-N50 EN-type
Paslode Pinto PI-S50 HS-type
Paslode Pinto PI-W50 PA-type
Paslode Pinto PI-W50/19 PA-type
Paslode PPN50Ci Gas) ANKP-type
Paslode PSN50NP ANKP-type
Paslode PSN90 PR-type
Paslode PSN100 PR-type
Paslode PSN100.1 PR-type
Paslode PY134R CNZ-type
Paslode PY200/50 Plast n/a
Paslode PY234 n/a
Paslode RCN70 n/a
Paslode S20-16 GX-type
Paslode S25-16 GX-type
Paslode S25S16 GX-type
Paslode S150 N18 EF-type
Paslode S200 S16 GX-type
Paslode S200 S16.2 GX-type
Paslode S200 W16 WT-type
Paslode S200 W16.2 WT-type
Paslode S200 W16R WT-type
Paslode SM7648 Z-type
Paslode SM7664 Z-type
Paslode Stifte-Tacker J-type
Paslode TN50 T-type
Paslode TrackFast1000Q Bertonnagel-type
Paslode ZE2118/I18 ZG-type
Paslode ZE2118/29N18 EF-type
Paslode ZE2138/35F18 J / GA-type
Senco 20.45 MGS-type
Senco 30.55 MGS-type
Senco 40.65 MGS-type
Senco A20 n/a
Senco A250FN DA-type
Senco A900FN PR-type
Senco AF25Plus J (JM)-type
Senco AF41Plus DA-type
Senco AnchorPro60 ANKP-type
Senco AST4 n/a
Senco BC58 n/a
Senco BMS-6-FE4000 MGS-type
Senco BMS-7-FE2500 MGS-type
Senco BMS-7-FE4000 MGS-type
Senco BMS-7-V-FE4000 MGS-type
Senco BMS-9-FE2500 MGS-type
Senco BMS-9-V-FE2500 MGS-type
Senco BoardFixer CoilPro50 CNW-type
Senco BoardFixer SCN49XP CNF/CNW-type
Senco BoardFixer SKSXP E-type
Senco BoardFixer SQS55XP Q-type
Senco CF25 (Battery) J (JM)-type
Senco CF41 (Battery) DA-type
Senco Coilnagler EPAL n/a
Senco CoilPro32 n/a
Senco CoilPro50 CNW-type
Senco CoilPro90 CNW-type
Senco DB/DP (Clinch) PM-type
Senco DFPXP (Clinch) P-type
Senco DF-Clinch P-type
Senco DF/DFP (Clinch) P-type
Senco DF/DFPA (Clinch) P-type
Senco DS200-AC MGS-type
Senco DS202-14V MGS-type
Senco DS205-14V MGS-type
Senco DS275-18V MGS-type
Senco DS275-AC MGS-type
Senco DS300-AC MGS-type
Senco DS300-AC-Dach Spezialschrauben**-type
Senco DS522-18V MGS-type
Senco DS525-18V MGS-type
Senco DS722-18V MGS-type
Senco DS5525-18V MGS-type
Senco DS5525-AC MGS-type
Senco DS5550-18V MGS-type
Senco DS5550-AC MGS-type
Senco DS7525-18V MGS-type
Senco DS7525-AC MGS-type
Senco EPAL-Kennzeichnungsnagler n/a
Senco F-15 FN65DA (Battery/Fusion) DA-type
Senco F-16A FN65RHA (Battery/Fusion) n/a
Senco F-16S FN65RHS (Battery/Fusion) N-type
Senco F-18 FN55AX (Battery/Fusion) J-type
Senco F35XP (Battery/Fusion) PR-type
Senco F75LXP DW-type
Senco F75SXP DW-type
Senco FAT25 A-type
Senco FinishPro2N1 E/J/JM-type
Senco FinishPro10 AL-type
Senco FinishPro15 J (JM)-type
Senco FinishPro18 J (JM)-type
Senco FinishPro18BL J-type
Senco FinishPro18 MG J-type
Senco FinishPro21LXP JA-type
Senco FinishPro23LXP AL-type
Senco FinishPro23SXP AL-type
Senco FinishPro25XP J (JM)-type
Senco FinishPro30XP DA-type
Senco FinishPro32 N-type
Senco FinishPro35 BL DA-type
Senco FinishPro35 MG DA-type
Senco FinishPro42XP DA-type
Senco FJ-Clinch DW-type
Senco FJ/F75 DW-type
Senco FJ/F7519 DW-type
Senco FramePro601 PR-type
Senco FramePro602 RK-type
Senco FramePro650 PR-type
Senco FramePro651 PR-type
Senco FramePro652 RK-type
Senco FramePro751 PR-type
Senco GT35HN (Gas) n/a
Senco GT40i-M (Gas) G-type
Senco GT40FS (Zaunnagler Gas) n/a
Senco GT50AX (Gas) J-type
Senco GT60NN (Gas) ANKP-type
Senco GT65DA (Gas) DA-type
Senco GT65RHA (Gas) n/a
Senco GT65RHS (Gas) N-type
Senco GT90CH (Gas) PR-type
Senco GT90FRH (Gas) RK-type
Senco GT90NN (Gas) ANKP-type
Senco HB15WSN WN-type
Senco HB25WSN WN groß-type
Senco HB35BSN n/a
Senco HB35FSN n/a
Senco HB40FCN CNH-type
Senco HB60LBN ANKP-type
Senco HB63LBN ANKP-type
Senco HB75 (LBN) n/a
Senco HB110SP WP-type
Senco HB130 n/a
Senco HB160 n/a
Senco HBM80N (Modul) L-type
Senco HBM80Q (Modul) Q-type
Senco JA/JN U-type
Senco JB/J PM-type
Senco JC/JG V-type
Senco JE/JN5 TS-type
Senco JF/J5 P-type
Senco JG/JG45 PX-type
Senco JS AL-type
Senco KL/KN4450 E/J/JM-type
Senco KM/KG4450 G-type
Senco KN/KG5562 L-type
Senco L-Sencomatic E-type
Senco LG/LG45 PX-type
Senco LJ/L75 DW-type
Senco LK/LN3045 EX-type